Kurukshetra Magazine July 2022 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Kurukshetra Magazine July 2022 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Kurukshetra Magazine July 2022 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Free download Kurukshetra Magazine July 2022 in PDF format and Read Kurukshetra Magazine online in English

The July 2022 edition of Kurukshetra Magazine tackles a pressing issue: Water Resource Management in India. This theme holds particular significance for the UPSC exam, as water scarcity and effective management strategies are crucial topics.

Navigating Water Woes: A Look at Kurukshetra Magazine, July 2022

Water: A Scarce Resource

The opening sections paint a concerning picture. India, with 18% of the global population, possesses only 4% of total water resources. The magazine highlights data from NITI Aayog, stating that over 600 million Indians face extreme water stress.

Focus on Water Management

Kurukshetra dives into various aspects of water management:

  • Water Conservation Techniques: The magazine explores techniques like rainwater harvesting, drip irrigation, and micro-irrigation, emphasizing their importance in water-stressed regions.
  • Government Initiatives: Articles analyze schemes like the Atal Jal Yojana and the Pradhan Mantri Krishi Sinchayee Yojana, which aim to improve water infrastructure and irrigation efficiency.
  • Challenges and Solutions: The magazine doesn't shy away from discussing the challenges of water pollution, riverine interlinking, and groundwater depletion. It also explores potential solutions and ongoing efforts to address these issues.

Beyond the Exam

While the content is valuable for UPSC aspirants, the July 2022 edition offers insights relevant to a broader audience:

  • Importance of Water Literacy: The magazine emphasizes the need for public awareness about water conservation practices and responsible water usage.
  • Sustainability and Environmental Concerns: Articles explore the link between water management and environmental sustainability, highlighting the impact on agriculture and ecosystems.

Finding the Magazine

Physical copies of the July 2022 edition might be challenging to locate due to the magazine's monthly format. However, several online resources can help you access the content:

  • Exam Preparation Websites: Websites like BYJU'S and InsightsIAS often provide summaries or "gists" of past Kurukshetra issues, including the July 2022 edition. These summaries highlight key themes, government programs, and important data points.
  • Online Retailers: Platforms like Amazon might offer compilations of past issues, potentially including the July 2022 edition.


The July 2022 edition of Kurukshetra Magazine serves as a valuable resource for understanding India's water crisis and exploring potential solutions. By analyzing government initiatives, water conservation techniques, and the broader environmental context, the magazine provides insights not just for exam preparation but also for anyone concerned about India's water security.