Kurukshetra Magazine August 2022 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Kurukshetra Magazine August 2022 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Kurukshetra Magazine August 2022 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Free download Kurukshetra Magazine August 2022 in PDF format and Read Kurukshetra Magazine online in English

Kurukshetra, a monthly magazine published by the Government of India's Ministry of Rural Development, has been an indispensable source of information and analysis on various aspects of rural India for over six decades. This August 2022 issue of the magazine explores a wide range of topics relevant to India's rural landscape.

Kurukshetra Magazine: August 2022

Key Themes

  • Agriculture and Food Security: This section examines the challenges and opportunities in India's agricultural sector, including sustainable farming practices, climate-smart agriculture, and food security interventions.

  • Rural Infrastructure: This article highlights the importance of infrastructure development in rural areas, covering topics such as rural electrification, road connectivity, and access to drinking water.

  • Skilling and Entrepreneurship: This section explores the need for skill development and entrepreneurship initiatives to empower rural youth and create sustainable livelihoods.

  • Health and Nutrition: This article discusses the health and nutrition challenges faced by rural communities, and presents strategies for improving access to quality healthcare and nutrition.

  • Women Empowerment: This section focuses on the importance of empowering rural women through education, skill training, and access to resources.

  • Technology and Innovation: This article examines the role of technology and innovation in transforming rural India, covering areas such as digital literacy, e-governance, and agricultural technology.


  • Exclusive Interview with Union Minister: An exclusive interview with the Union Minister of Rural Development, Shri Giriraj Singh, provides insights into the government's vision for rural transformation.

  • Success Stories: The magazine showcases inspiring success stories from rural India, highlighting innovative initiatives and local heroes who are making a positive impact.

  • Research and Analysis: This section presents original research and analysis on various aspects of rural India, providing evidence-based insights for policymakers and practitioners.

  • Perspectives: Kurukshetra Magazine features articles from experts, policymakers, and thought leaders, offering diverse perspectives on rural development.


The August 2022 issue of Kurukshetra Magazine is a valuable resource for anyone interested in the development of rural India. It provides a comprehensive overview of the challenges and opportunities facing rural communities, and offers insights into innovative approaches and best practices. By fostering dialogue and collaboration, Kurukshetra Magazine continues to play a vital role in shaping rural India's future.