Kurukshetra Magazine September 2023 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Kurukshetra Magazine September 2023 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Kurukshetra Magazine September 2023 Free PDF Download and Read Online in English

Free download Kurukshetra Magazine September 2023 in PDF format and Read Kurukshetra Magazine online in English

Kurukshetra, a monthly journal published by the Ministry of Rural Development, Government of India, is a leading platform for disseminating information and perspectives on rural development and allied issues. The September 2023 issue of the magazine focuses on various aspects of sustainable agriculture and its role in fostering rural prosperity.

Kurukshetra Magazine: September 2023

Main Coverage

  1. Sustainable Agriculture for Rural Development

    This feature article explores the importance of sustainable agriculture practices in promoting rural livelihoods, environmental protection, and food security. It discusses the principles, benefits, and challenges associated with sustainable agriculture and provides insights into successful initiatives.

  2. Climate-Smart Agriculture: A Path to Resilience

    This article highlights the role of climate-smart agriculture in mitigating climate change while enhancing agricultural productivity. It examines different climate-smart techniques, their benefits, and the need for capacity building and policy support to promote their adoption.

  3. Organic Farming: An En route to a Sustainable Ecosystem

    This feature showcases the benefits of organic farming for environmental conservation, human health, and soil fertility. It explores the challenges faced by organic farmers and discusses the role of certification and market linkages in promoting organic farming.

  4. Agroforestry: Synergizing Agriculture and Forestry

    This article discusses the concept of agroforestry, which integrates tree farming with agricultural practices. It explores the benefits of agroforestry for improving soil health, enhancing biodiversity, and providing additional income sources for farmers.

  5. Precision Farming: Enhancing Efficiency and Sustainability

    This feature provides an overview of precision farming technologies and their potential to improve agricultural productivity and reduce environmental impact. It examines the use of remote sensing, GPS, and data analytics in precision farming and discusses challenges related to technology adoption.

  6. Role of Panchayats in Promoting Sustainable Agriculture

    This article highlights the crucial role of Panchayats (local self-government bodies) in promoting sustainable agriculture practices at the grassroots level. It discusses initiatives undertaken by Panchayats to support farmers, provide extension services, and conserve natural resources.

Regular Columns

  1. Agriculture News

    This column provides a round-up of the latest news and updates in the field of agriculture, including policy announcements, research findings, and international initiatives.

  2. Success Stories

    This section showcases successful individuals, organizations, and initiatives that have made significant contributions to sustainable agriculture and rural development.

  3. Expert Opinion

    This column features articles from leading experts and practitioners in the field of sustainable agriculture. They provide insights, analysis, and recommendations on current issues and future directions.

Subscription Information

Kurukshetra magazine can be subscribed online or through post offices. For more information on subscription rates and procedures, please visit the website of the Ministry of Rural Development.