Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024: Empowering Women Through Digital Connectivity

Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024: Empowering Women Through Digital Connectivity

A detailed analysis and information on the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024.

The Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana (IGSY) is a revolutionary initiative launched by the Government of Rajasthan in 2023, aimed at bridging the digital divide and empowering women in the state. This comprehensive program envisions providing smartphones and internet access to millions of women, enhancing their lives and creating opportunities for their growth and development.


The key objectives of Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024 are:

  • To provide smartphones and internet connectivity to women in Rajasthan.
  • To empower women through digital literacy and access to information.
  • To promote women’s participation in education, employment, and social engagement.
  • To reduce the digital divide and foster a more inclusive society.


The implementation of Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024 involves several phases:

  • Eligibility: The scheme is open to women who are residents of Rajasthan, belong to the Chiranjeevi family association, have an annual income below 2.5 lakh rupees, are not employed by the government, and reside in Rajasthan.
  • Documentary Requirements: Applicants must submit documents such as Aadhar card, Jan Aadhar, passport-sized photograph, mobile number, ration card, and income certificate for verification.
  • Distribution: The distribution of smartphones will be carried out in phases, prioritizing widows and divorced women. The first phase is scheduled to begin on August 10, 2023, with the goal of distributing 40 lakh smartphones by August 31, 2023.
  • Digital Literacy: The scheme also includes training programs to enhance digital literacy among women. This will ensure that women can effectively utilize the smartphones and access the internet for their personal and professional growth.


Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024 is expected to have a profound impact on women in Rajasthan:

  • Digital Empowerment: The scheme will provide women with access to technology, enabling them to stay connected, access information, and participate in online activities.
  • Education and Employment Opportunities: Smartphones can connect women to educational resources, online courses, and job portals, expanding their opportunities for education and employment.
  • Financial Inclusion: Digital literacy and smartphone usage can facilitate financial inclusion, allowing women to access banking services, mobile payments, and financial management tools.
  • Health and Well-being: Smartphones can provide women with access to health information, telemedicine services, and fitness apps, improving their overall well-being.


  • Empowers women: Provides women with access to technology and information, fostering their empowerment.
  • Bridges digital divide: Addresses the digital divide by offering smartphones and internet connectivity to women, particularly those from marginalized communities.
  • Promotes inclusion: Encourages women’s participation in digital activities and decision-making processes.
  • Enhances digital literacy: Includes training programs to improve women’s digital skills and knowledge.


  • Cost: The scheme requires substantial financial resources to procure and distribute smartphones and provide internet connectivity.
  • Maintenance costs: Smartphones require ongoing maintenance and software updates, which may be a challenge for low-income households.
  • Digital literacy gap: Some women may face challenges in using smartphones and accessing digital resources due to lack of digital literacy.

Analysis of Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024

We have prepared a Multi-Dimensional Analysis of the Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024:

1. Target Audience and Inclusivity

  • Target Group: Women in Rajasthan
  • Inclusivity: Focuses on empowering women from diverse backgrounds, including students, widows, pensioners, and rural beneficiaries under the Gandhi employment guarantee scheme.

2. Eligibility Criteria

  • Rajasthan residency
  • Chiranjeevi family association
  • Annual income below INR 2.5 lakhs
  • Not employed by the government

3. Implementation Phases

  • Phase 1: Prioritizes widows and divorced women
  • Target distribution of 40 lakh smartphones by August 31, 2023

4. Empowerment and Impact

  • Education: Enhanced access to educational resources and online learning platforms.
  • Employment: Facilitates job searches and skill development opportunities.
  • Communication: Bridges the digital divide and enables women to stay connected with family and friends.
  • Social Inclusion: Promotes participation in online communities and forums.

5. Inclusivity and Empowerment

  • Addresses the unique needs of marginalized women.
  • Fosters digital literacy and empowerment, promoting gender equality.
  • Contributes to a more digitally inclusive and equitable society.

6. Technological Aspect

  • Smartphone Distribution: Provides free smartphones to eligible women.
  • Internet Connectivity: Includes internet data packages to facilitate online access.

7. Implementation and Monitoring

  • Beneficiary List: Transparent and accessible list of eligible beneficiaries.
  • Distribution Centers: Designated distribution centers for efficient smartphone dispensation.
  • Monitoring and Evaluation: Regular monitoring to track progress and identify areas for improvement.

8. Potential Challenges

  • Digital Literacy: Ensuring adequate digital literacy and training for beneficiaries.
  • Network Infrastructure: Limited network coverage in rural areas may hinder connectivity.
  • Sustainability: Securing funding and resources to maintain and upgrade the program over time.

9. Economic Implications

  • Government Expenditure: Significant investment by the Rajasthan government.
  • Mobile Network Operators: Potential revenue growth for mobile service providers.
  • Beneficiaries: Reduced communication and internet expenses.

10. Future Prospects

  • Expansion of the scheme to other marginalized groups.
  • Integration with other government programs to enhance access to essential services.
  • Promotion of digital entrepreneurship and skill development for women.

Our take on IGSY

Indira Gandhi Smartphone Yojana 2024 is a transformative initiative that has the potential to revolutionize the lives of women in Rajasthan. By providing them with digital connectivity and empowering them with technology, this scheme will unlock opportunities for their education, employment, and social engagement. The implementation and monitoring of the scheme will be crucial in ensuring its effectiveness and long-term sustainability, leading to a more digitally inclusive and equitable society in Rajasthan.